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Customer Testimonials for Suzanne Grace Psychic

WHY SUZANNE GRACE: Psychic Medium Readings, Intuitive Life Coach, Certified Angel Communicator,Theta Healing, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Counseling on Love & Relationships, Career, Health, Body and Soul Reading, Spiritual Knowledge with a focus on connecting with your loved ones, angels and guides to help you with concerns in love, career, money & all relationship issues, from twin flame to soul mate. Suzanne is a born teacher thus all her readings come with a flair for education on how you, too can better hear your guides, angels and loved ones in spirit. With a no-nonsense style, Suzanne is blunt and to the point. She will not sugar coat readings or tell the client what they want to hear; rather, Suzanne Grace delivers what guides and loved ones want you to know and/or be aware of. 

Suzanne blew my mind with the clarity she has in describing my grandmother. Not only did she detail her to a T, she also was able to deliver info only I had known! I am honestly still on a high from this very special reading from this very special lady!

- Dana R., Long Island, NY

WOW! Not only is Suzanne an amazing psychic medium but a terrific teacher as well. I knew my dreams meant something but now I know what it is too. The clarity that she gave me is life altering and I am forever grateful. I am excited to see her again!

- David T., Los Alamos, California

Suzanne has changed my life and I hope all understand what I mean when I say that. I was considering suicide as I was in so much pain from losing my twin flame. I could not breathe, eat, sleep, my life felt over. She CHANGED ALL OF THAT! I have faith and a renewed outlook on life and love and Suzanne should receive all the credit for this. She is a very special, beautiful soul.

- Lana, V., Austin, TX

I called Suzanne for a healing session and ended up with more than I could have ever imagined. She did distance healing on my knee - which still feels great - but she also did past life work with me which allowed for some incredible soul healing.

 -Terrence F., Clarksville, TN