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Customer Testimonials for Suzanne Grace Psychic

WHY SUZANNE GRACE: Psychic Medium Readings, Intuitive Life Coach, Certified Angel Communicator,Theta Healing, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Counseling on Love & Relationships, Career, Health, Body and Soul Reading, Spiritual Knowledge with a focus on connecting with your loved ones, angels and guides to help you with concerns in love, career, money & all relationship issues, from twin flame to soul mate. Suzanne is a born teacher thus all her readings come with a flair for education on how you, too can better hear your guides, angels and loved ones in spirit. With a no-nonsense style, Suzanne is blunt and to the point. She will not sugar coat readings or give the client what they want to hear, rather what their guides and loved ones want you to hear and/or be aware of. 

Suzanne blew my mind with the clarity she has in describing my grandmother. Not only did she detail her to a T, she also was able to deliver info only I had known! I am honestly still on a high from this very special reading from this very special lady!

- Dana R., Long Island, NY

WOW! Not only is Suzanne an amazing psychic medium but a terrific teacher as well. I knew my dreams meant something but now I know what it is too. The clarity that she gave me is life altering and I am forever grateful. I am excited to see her again!

- David T., Los Alamos, California

Suzanne has changed my life and I hope all understand what I mean when I say that. I was considering suicide as I was in so much pain from losing my twin flame. I could not breathe, eat, sleep, my life felt over. She CHANGED ALL OF THAT! I have faith and a renewed outlook on life and love and Suzanne should receive all the credit for this. She is a very special, beautiful soul.

- Lana, V., Austin, TX

I called Suzanne for a healing session and ended up with more than I could have ever imagined. She did distance healing on my knee - which still feels great - but she also did past life work with me which allowed for some incredible soul healing.

 -Terrence F., Clarksville, TN