Suzanne Grace Spiritual Life Coach

World-Renowned Psychic, Medium, Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

Suzanne Grace Medium, Pet Communicator

Pet Communicator - Animal Psychic

Suzanne has communicated with hundreds of pets, both living and deceased. It is never easy to lose a pet but hearing that they are happy and at peace and constantly visiting their human families often sets ones mind at ease.

When our pets are sick - from dogs, cats, horses to exotic animals, Suzanne has communicated with animals in order to help their loved ones/owners, figure out what needs to be done - are they lonely, hungry, need more time with you outside, and so forth, are just some of the answers Suzanne will deliver. If your animal is suffering from an illness, Suzanne can apply her healing techniques in order to assist in their recovery as well as tell you what hurts! Hands on healing has been very successful for Suzanne but in the event you are not located in Southern California, she can perform distance healing as well.