Suzanne Grace Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach

World-Renowned Psychic, Medium, Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

Services Offered

Many of us hear things go bump in the night; for some it is a nuisance for others, it causes great fear! My team of 3 and I can fix this problem for you! On a case-by-case basis, with a private reading and even hypnotherapy if needed, we will send them into the light, sage and bless your home, help you create a space for positive energy! Call for more details - prices subject to change and dependent upon the issues within the home! Affordable and guaranteed work!


All One hour reading $240 30 min reading $120 15 min reading $60 Angel Card readings $150 Email reading $25 per question Life Coach/Spiritual Counseling $240 hour Pet Reading $240 hour Distance Healing $240 hour Mentoring $100 per 1 hour session Private Parties/Group Reading Paranormal Rescue negotiable