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Client Victories - Proof of Growth!

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 3:35 AM

Client Victories

By Suzanne Grace


I often have clients who are in pain from heartache. It is indeed a soul-splitting pain that does not just go away; rather, the rejection seems to fester. As a psychic medium I am often called to help with these occurrences and they never get easier.

However, when we work with those who want to understand the loss and what it means to their karma, it is always a pleasure to celebrate their victories in understanding the WHY behind the dissolution of a relationship.

A client I will call Mary has frequently called me at due to the pain she was experiencing after a recent breakup. She had done nothing wrong and neither did her boyfriend; although he just disappeared one night, it was important for her to come to terms with why he did that as well as receive some spiritual closure on it.

First, it was important for her to understand that she did nothing wrong; while it is easy to blame ourselves when relationships fail, we should understand that there is a much larger force at play here. Sometimes when we do not listen to our guides and/or intuition, spirit will take over. When a relationship is no longer (or not at all) healthy, spirit creates an event that causes the relationship to end so that we may grow from it as well as to allow a space for those who are in alignment with us room to enter our lives.

When we look back on what has occurred in our lives, we see that it was always for the best. Even though it hurts so badly at the time, in the long run we are better for it. With Mary, she did not understand what she had done to deserve the pain she was experiencing and without closure, she felt she had failed in some way.

In working with her guides, reading her energy and past lives, I was able to give her information about her life, her relationship as well as information from her guides that told the story of why this all occurred. While it took some time to get her past the grief, the beauty of it all was in doing so, she was able to see the big picture, and celebrate her new knowledge with a deeper understanding of how the Universe works.

Mary is now in a loving, committed relationship and this one is absolutely a keeper. She still has some questions at times and I am always here to help her but in terms of feeling punished or that she did something wrong, she no longer questions her intuition or the work of her guides. She has a profound understanding that some relationships do just need to end in order for us to karmically move forward.


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