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Psychic Amnesia

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 3:30 AM

Psychic Amnesia

By Suzanne Grace

Psychic amnesia may sound funny but it is in fact very real. We create psychic amnesia in a few ways, but I will share the most common reasons it happens. While we may not want to acknowledge it out loud, many of us are guilty of wanting to see a psychic or medium fail or found to be lacking in some ways or even flat out wrong. We go into a reading – whether public or private – and look to see how the medium trips up! When we do this, however we not only block the flow but we are too busy listening for inconstancies that we miss valid information meant for us. We also do this as we tend to fear what we do not know, cannot prove or see. We can be the biggest believers yet the biggest skeptics at the same time.

While this has happened to me many times over the years, I recently met with a client in her home that truly takes the amnesiac cake! While she purported to be a big believer prior to our appointment, I felt nervous going in; I knew I was going to be tested – and like everyone else, I do not really like tests.

Now, just so you know I am very good at what I do; I actually really do care and want to give my client information that not only massages my ego (yes, I am human and do have an ego), but also allows for healing and to move forward in a given situation. That said, when I entered her home, I immediately felt uncomfortable – but more on that later – as I knew she had either hoped I would flake or had hoped I would cancel. Of course, I did neither, even knowing about the pressure of a test I was facing.

We sat down and I began to share with her the notes I had taken prior to my arrival. All day long I had her sister with me who (it turns out) had passed away quite a few years ago. I began with asking her about her sister or friend who is like a sister in spirit (close friends can also come through carrying the same energy a sister would) and she looked at me and said, “um, no, I do not have a sister in spirit”. I said, “are you sure? I have her with me……….she died of a female cancer………….” Blank stare and the negative shake of her head. I had no choice but to move on.

Next, I asked her about her father in spirit which she confirmed; I said, “your father is telling me about a great love you had at one point in your life.” She looked at me with the same look as before and said, “um, no; I have not had a great love.” I said, “this love goes back many, many years.” And she once again replied with a shake of her head, and the same words: “Um, no, no great love.” At this point of course, I am questioning myself as I can understand being wrong once in a while as we are human and do make mistakes, but this was getting ridiculous!

We went through a host of things; I nailed her travel destinations for the year (although I did get a few no’s with them, later it turns out I was correct), her career aspirations as well as some information regarding her health and family. Essentially, the usual stuff.

As I was still somewhat ego-hurt over the incorrect information I had supposedly given her, I did spend more than the usual hour there. As we are getting closer to the second hour, however I knew I needed to get going. She asked if I could see her home, her altar and so forth, so I did giving the usual ooohhhs and aahhhhs as we toured around.

We enter the guest bedroom and everything shifts; early on in the reading I had asked about witch-craft or Wicca and was told no, she does not dabble but when I entered the guest bedroom, I saw row upon row of books about spells, incantations, Wicca and witchcraft. THIS is another way to block energy – having books about witchcraft and spells that you deny you have will also block the flow of energy, but this doesn’t even matter as what happened next truly threw me for a loop!

I sat down on the edge of her bed and asked her about one of her spell books and she says to me, “My sister gave that to me BEFORE SHE DIED OF OVARIAN CANCER.” Wait, what? Did you JUST say your sister is passed over, the same sister you denied having? She said, “you never asked me about my sister” and I said, “let me grab my notebook so we can actually discuss what you said.”

Notebook in hand, I went back over the notes from her sister; she confirmed EVERYTHING I had originally said and even new information that I was giving to her. After I finished up with this, and now was truly pushing the 3 hour timeframe, I said I truly must go. She started to get emotional and said she was a bit afraid of going to Brazil because…………get this……………HER GREAT LOVE IS STILL LIVING THERE!

Wait, what? Her great love that she told me did not exist? Well, turns out that she was so busy trying to find me lacking that she gave herself psychic amnesia! While I do not ever recommend that one try to make the information fit, I do suggest that when you are paying for information that you listen to what is being delivered instead of self-sabotaging what you are paying good money for. We of course should have a healthy level of skepticism and should not take every word delivered by a psychic medium as gospel; as I said before – and will say again – we are incorrect in the delivery of the information from time-to-time.

However, we can also miss out on valuable information that allows for us to heal; we cannot heal if we go into a reading with the thought that the person delivering the information is wrong. It is best if we enter a reading, listen, filter what we hear and absorb that which feels correct or sits well with our own intuition. Psychic amnesia is frustrating for both the medium and the client and does not allow for the information to flow; I was fortunate that I was able to pull on her sister’s energy and deliver a message. Usually if we send a spirit on and tell them it was not for them, we cannot get them to come back.

It is important to also verify that the person giving the reading has been verified and/or tested. There will always be those who try to capitalize on others and there are others who cannot read our energy because we are not a good fit; for the most part however, the average person can be read by just about anyone. To ensure you are receiving information from a true psychic medium, do your research! Find out who your friends see, who they recommend and also validate them via the American Federation of Psychics, Mediums and Healers or via the website. It is your money after all; don’t throw it away.


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