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Twin Flame or Soul Mate?

Posted on March 22, 2015 at 1:30 AM

I am often asked about twin flame relationships versus soul mate relationships. While no one can tell you which is best for you, I feel that it is important that you understand the main, key differences, and decide for yourself which relationship is best for you.

Twin flames are indeed your twin; whether male/female or in same sex relationships, each person has a twin flame. However, it is best to be honest with why these relationships are not for everyone. First, what typically occurs is that both parties are not available at the same time; one is married or dating and when they no longer are, they other party is. Be very careful as this affects your karma is you interfere in someone's relationship. Although the pull is great, it is best to wait until you are both single and available before taking on the relationship.

On top of that, there is always a runner in the relationship; during the course of my research, it tends to be the men who run (in male/female relationships) and by run, I mean disappear. They run off and stay gone for an indeterminate amount of time and then BAM out of the blue return. What I advise my clients - those who chose to wait for the return - is to date and enjoy life while their twin flame is off doing who knows what.

Keep in mind that twin flame relationships are extremely intense and not for everyone; many lead with fear - meaning as soon as they feel that they are losing control in a relationship, they allow fear to take over - and the fear makes them run. The relationships run hot and cold; they are extremely passionate, sexual and it is often the most intense sexual experience. However, keep in mind that the soul mate offers just as intense a sexual relationship, but does lack the twin aspects of it. By that I mean, there is not as much knowing the others thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. 

Soul mate relationships are about balance; where one is messy, the other is neat. Where one is impulsive, the other is more linear in thought and takes their time in making decisions. The sex can be beautiful and amazing but many of my clients have told me it isnt as passionate. I have not found a difference however, but I am purely going off of my own experiences.

If you prefer stability in a relationship, you will want to seek out your soul mate rather than your twin flame; there is very little stability in the twin flame relationship. Balance, as I mentioned is the key to soul mates; balancing each other is a big part of it. This is missing in the twin flame relationship because you are twin souls - the literal other half of the soul.

Again, the twin flame relationship is not easy and contrary to much that is put out there about them, even when you do manage to end up together - which is extremely rare - the relationships are fraught with drama and hardship.

So, chose wisely; I always say if you are fortunate to meet your twin flame, that is great but rather than obsess over when he/she will be back, focus on what is best for you and choosing the best mate for you.


Suzanne Grace

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