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World-Renowned Psychic, Medium, Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

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Suzanne Grace discovered her gifts when at 4 years old she began communicating with and seeing spirits. She is a world-renowned psychic medium, pet communicator and psychic/healer, intuitive life coach and spiritual counselor with years of experience helping others achieve their goals and obtain the answers they need in order to move forward and heal. She also has worked within the paranormal and helps her clients to clear the energy in their homes and businesses. Suzanne has spent over 25 years researching twin flames and soulmate relationships; as an expert in the field of LOVE, she works with couples and individuals, offering private or couple's sessions in order to help you be the best YOU in all of your relationships. She will help you to understand why the attraction and connection is so strong and whether there is any past life history. Whether you want to connect with those on the other side, or seek to find a way to create better relationships, she will help you understand and grow from the knowledge she delivers. As a certified Angel Healer, Theta Healer, Reiki and Reconnective Healer, she studied extensively and offers a variety of healing modalities in order to fine tune to each individuals' needs. Whether Suzanne is working with you at your next party, event, or a private one-on-one (or via phone), Suzanne guarantees you will leave feeling healthier, refreshed and ready to face whatever life may bring you! In 2011, Suzanne was honored to appear on the cover of "The Register of the United States & Worlds Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012," and the "Hall of Fame of the Most Caring Lightworkers." In 2013/2014, Suzanne was ranked #4 IN THE WORLD for best psychic, medium and healer and #1 Spiritual Life Coach! She has appeared on AllTalk Radio, Be The Light Radio and No Ordinary Psychic Radio as well as a top reader Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory.

  • Mediumship readings, connecting you with loved ones, angels and guides
  • Psychic readings to assist with love, career, finances and other personal events
  • Pet Communicator, Healer
  • Medium & Psychic Mentoring services for adults and children
  • Paranormal investigations (home or business)
  • Home Blessing/Cleansing
  • Life Coach
  • Theta and Reconnective Healer
  • Private Events/Parties
  • Spiritual Counseling


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